Clash Royale Gameplay:

Hay day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and now Clash Royale. Hay day is farming game (hack here), boom beach is limited to islands, Clash of Clans and clash Royale are similar. What you are going to do in the arena of Clash Royale? I’m going to show you right now, there are different levels of arenas. As you win you get cards and you can use those cards to unlock stuff and level up. I am in the Packers play house which is really hard, there are lot of guys who have better cards than me but I’m holding my own. I’m probably going to lose a fight right now. By the way when you win, you get a chest and what goes in the chest like this is where they make their money we’ll talk about that later.

It’s really annoying, let’s get into a quick match here. The matches in Clash Royale last three minutes and as go into overtime what you’re trying to do is destroy their towers. You got the King in the back and then the Crown Towers on the right of the king, it is a kind of a cannon and he doesn’t actually start shooting until now, so we are trapped and it’s not good.  Here comes the dragon and I don’t have anything to defend against the dragon. The dragon destroyed everything and we are not going to attack instead defend our base. If other player takes my crown tower, it is not a good situation and if he gets to my king, he wins. You can use free Clash Royale diamonds/elixir to speed up the process or unlock or level up.

I got my giants here and they are defending, it’s going to bring in some problems as I took them out when the ground personnel were tied.  So the main objective is to get the King and it will secure a win for you. A quick tip is whenever you see the King, just deploy cannon or whatever that can take most towers down; alright we’re going to come over here and try to take out the underground. And there is probably an attack on me right now and I’m going to counter this chick pretty good. She shoots with little musketeer, they are really powerful and now we are going to counter attack with Skeletons and hopefully we can get in on this round. Here comes the dragon and I will release goblins to attack the Crown Towers, they will take the crown tower down really fast.

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